Sugar. Reinvented.

Sweet Sense Is

Sweet Like Sugar

Use it just like you use standard table sugar. Sweet Sense is a 1:1 replacement as an ingredient in all foods and beverages. Sweet Sense tastes like sugar because it is made with sugar.

Low Glycemic

A recent study of Sweet Sense, tested according to the international standard ISO 26642:2010 at an Australian University, showed the glycemic index (GI) score of Sweet Sense as 53, as compared to a score of 100 in glucose.

Scientific research has shown that a low GI diet helps maintain a healthy weight (1), improve heart health (2), increases energy while exercising (3), and lowers cholesterol levels (4).

Sugar the way nature intended

Sweet Sense is made according to nature's approach to sugars. Sweet Sense is healthy for you and does not cause any of the adverse effects of standard table sugar.