About Laetose™

Laetose™ is healthy and made with sugar. It was made the way nature intended sugar to be. Every food in nature that has a sugar also has an insulin-mimetic, which allows the body to properly convert sugar into energy or proper storage for later use.

A recent study of Laetose™, tested according to the international standard ISO 26642:2010 at an Australian University, showed the glycemic index (GI) score of Laetose™ as 53, as compared to a score of 100 in glucose.

Laetose™ can be the foundation of a low GI diet. The many benefits of a low GI diet include:

Achieving or maintaining a healthy weight (1)

Improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases (2)

Increased energy and better performance while exercising (3)

Lower total and LDL-cholesterol levels without affecting HDL-cholesterol (4)